Community FARMERS

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Our organic agriculture practices at JHC contributes to meaningful socio-economic and ecologically sustainable development in Sri Lanka. Our application of organic principles includes official management of our local resources such as organic compost, recycled water, local seed varieties, manure. etc. As a result, cost effectiveness and pesticide free food is provided to the local and international communities. In addition, our sustainable organic agriculture methods at JHC reduces the risk of yield failure, stabilizes returns and improves the quality of small farmers. Our business model is built in a way where we are committed to purchase the yield of our small farmers at a fair price throughout the year. Moreover, we assist our small farmers and their families through providing employment, training, education, and other fringe benefits. Furthermore, our local community programs such as street cleaning, neighbourhood watch and animal sheltering are valued and appreciated by our local authorities. Currently, JHC employs 50 farm workers including 30 women. As a result, our local community and employees are motivated and empowered by JHC’s best practices.