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Our Vision

Promote a profitable and sustainable agriculture business in Northern Sri Lanka which targets the export retail demand while empowering the community to develop their land with exportable local agriculture products

Jaffna Horticulture

Jaffna Horticulture is a fully integrated organic farm with a modern state of the art food processing factory based in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Our goal is to be a prominent player in sustainable organic farming and develop a modern food processing system to reduce nutrient loss and waste across the food supply system from farm to your home at an affordable price to the consumer.

We are equipped with an in-house team of consultants, associates, and experts with a new and exciting vision for the organic and health food business. In addition, we have regular alliances with a network of small farmers which allows us to serve our valued customers with superior quality organic products at an affordable price throughout the year.

Quality control measures are implemented throughout the entire production process which ensures that our products meet the highest standards for microbiology and pesticide control